Crisis Support

During the present Covid -19 Crisis, BACC will use this section of our website to request your support for our partner organizations.

Today we ask you to contribute your support to Easter Seals , a national,100 year old , 501c3 charity organization providing much needed support for the disabled and their families. With the loss of their ability to raise funds through public and private events, we ask you to visit their fund raising page and give generously to this wonderful organization.

The link is here.  Thank you.

BACC- Local Group, International Reach

At BACC, we believe that to succeed in business, its important to look at the company you keep- and we keep very good company. Our people have access where it counts - to extensive business networks and contacts, to international business information, to the professional support and expertise to develop and grow your business in the US, UK and European markets.

Our charitable arm, the BACC Foundation aka "The Loxley Purse", provides scholarships each year for US University students to attend a British University for a semester.

Our events and programming, the organizations we work with, the people who surround us and make themselves and their resources available to us, ensure that BACC is one of the leading international business organizations in the State of Ohio and the region.

Join us, connect with our network, attend our events, meet our people and be a part of the very good company we keep.



Don Larson
President, BACC Ohio.

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