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I am amazed that more companies do not take advantage of the BABC network. It offers an outstanding, cost-effective opportunity to build high-quality transatlantic business relationships and a transatlantic client base.

David Kay | Partner, DrinkerBiddleGardnerCarton


"The BABC is uniquely well placed to help both US and British companies looking to expand their transatlantic client base and business network, thanks to its unique demographics with member companies based in more than 20 major business centres, all of them committed to transatlantic business. No other organization can match it.

Andrew Fulton | Chairman, GPW


“Membership of the BABC provides tremendous value for small companies. In my first year of membership I secured a major consulting assignment and three collaborative agreements by taking advantage of its powerful online database and networking with its members throughout the US and UK.

Michael Batt | Founder, US Alliance Consulting


Building the Business…for Large Multinationals…


 "The BABC isn't only for middle-market companies: if they are smart about it, major multinationals can use the BABC network to great effect, and with a minimal investment of time or money, to build their brand and their business in major business centers throughout the US and UK."

Graham A.D. Broyd | Global Head of Short Term Markets Sales,

Royal Bank of Scotland



High-Level Business Support 


“The BABC has established itself not only as the largest transatlantic business organization, but as a powerful force for the promotion of [our] shared business interests and values. By helping its thousands of member companies do business, it also helps promote prosperity, employment and innovation in both our countries, and beyond.    

Sir Martin Sorrell | Group Chief Executive, WPP


Connecting with Key Decision-makers


 "The BABC represents our focus on transatlantic business issues and networking. Its Annual Transatlantic Business Conference and website offer our people the ability to research and connect with up-to-date people in the transatlantic business community, and to reach key decision-makers in the marketplace."                                                        
Chris Nicholson | Global Chairman, Energy & Resources, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu


Transatlantic Business Bridge


 “The British-American Business Council is a dynamic organization, supporting, and promoting the free flow of trade and investment across the North Atlantic. It is effectively building a business bridge to serve as the prime trade highway linking the wider markets of the European Union and the North American Free Trade Agreement partnership.

Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge | Chairman, Pirelli UK plc

(previously Chairman, British Airways)


Annual Conferences 


“The BABC’s Annual Conferences provide great opportunities to network and establish useful business relationships with potential clients and business partners throughout North America and the UK, as well as more generally to promote our corporate brand and gain valuable business intelligence."                                                                                                                                                                    

Chris Nicholson | Global Chairman, Energy & Resources, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu


"Many of our member law firms have won new business as a result of the relationships they have built through the BABC, and the internal lawyers' network (BAGOL- BritishAmerican Group of Lawyers) that we have created within the BABC. It's one of the best ways that I have found to build productive and meaningful business relationships outside my own immediate network in Northern Ohio, and it has certainly provided substantial value-added for the time and investment spent in attending BABC Conferences and Workshops. The fact that it's also been great fun along the way is simply the icing on the cake."

Bruce Lowe | Partner, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP



 “The J1 Program, offered through the BABC, was amazingly quick and hassle free. It accomplished our human resource objectives quickly and efficiently                                

Mark Knight | (then) President, British Airports Authority, Pittsburgh


"BritishAmerican Business’s J1 program has been very useful for Allen & Overy’s training program. It is a vital tool that offers many people the opportunity to diversify their career paths.

Anthony M. Brincat | Partner, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP




 "The BABC’s policy work, on both sides of the Atlantic, is important for companies of all sizes. In a number of fields, Governments have adopted BABC proposals that will materially help companies conduct their business in an efficient, equitable and profitable way."

Mark Knight | (then) President, British Airports Authority, Pittsburgh


"The BABC is playing an increasingly influential role in the policy field, on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks to the close, working relationships that it has established with Government and the responsible way it which it has advocated for the interests of its members."
Ven Kocaj | AERS Partner, Deloitte


"Companies of all sizes should appreciate the tremendous policy work that the BABC does in London and Washington. On issues ranging from taxation and regulation to immigration and transportation, the BABC has played a significant role in mobilizing business opinion and advancing the business interests of its members through information flow to its members across all major industry sectors and targeted representation of its member’s interests with government Ministers and officials on both sides of the pond. Over the last several years, the BABC has become the voice of business to which key government players go for advice and consultation."
Kristen Verderame | Principal and General Counsel, The Laconia Group

UK Innovation

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