Membership has its rewards...

» Opportunity to meet key business individuals from the UK and Ohio.
» Access to international business expertise and referrals to consultants to assist with legal, financial and marketing issues.
» Promotion of your company’s interests, products and services to a broad local and international audience.
» Development of trade linkages with the UK to fuel exports and source imports.
» Participation in Trade Missions between the US & the UK to increase business and trade opportunities
» On-line Membership Directory, Visa programs, Company Data and More!

» J1 Visa program, enabling member companies to bring qualified employees into the USA.
» Extensive business databases providing detailed financial, descriptive and ownership  information on the top 300,000 companies in 38 European countries and the top 350,000    US and Canada-based companies.
» Marketing opportunities to promote your goods and services to other member companies    throughout the BABC network
» Business/economic updates (Investment News) prepared and circulated by the BABC for    its member companies.

» Annual Transatlantic Business Conference. Each year’s conference is hosted by a UK or US BABC chapter. The conference offers an opportunity for high-level business discussion and networking    with senior executives from both sides of the Atlantic. 

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