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The BACC's Exchange Visitor Program is designed to promote business relations & commercial ties between the US and the UK & to facilitate international exchange by enabling participating companies to bring selected trainees to the US for up to 18 months.

This goal is achieved by imparting to the trainees knowledge & understanding of US business practices & culture in a structured training program in a specific occupational field.



Companies wishing to use this service have to be members, in good standing, of the British American Chamber of Commerce of Ohio.


What it the Purpose of the Program?

To enable companies to bring qualified trainees into the U.S. for up to 18 months of training, and thereby promote US/UK business relations and commercial ties.


How does a Company Qualify for the Program?

»  By being a member, in good standing, of the local U.S.-based chapters of the BABC, at     the time of application and for the duration of the trainee’s stay in the U.S.

»  By providing a program for the trainee that will enhance his/her career upon return to the     U.K.


How does a Trainee Qualify for the Program?

There are no age or nationality restrictions. However, non-British trainees must either be a resident of the U.K. or already be employed by the applicant company. Trainees must have achieved, by academic study and/or work experience, a minimum competency requirement in the relevant field.


What Fields Can Be Covered By The Program?

Management, Business, Commerce and Finance, The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and the Industrial Occupations, Information Media & Communications; and Law.


What are the Responsibilities of Participating Companies?

To comply with the terms of the Program, participating companies must:

» Demonstrate their financial ability to pay the trainee an adequate salary, and ensure that trainees have appropriate sickness and accident insurance coverage.

» Indicate their willingness to offer Americans a work experience or training opportunity abroad, since regulations require that all exchange visitor programs be reciprocal.

» Expose trainees to a variety of cross-cultural activities, thereby increasing their    understanding of US society, culture and institutions.

» Provide trainees with appropriate information materials in advance of their arrival in the    U.S.

» Monitor the program and the welfare of trainees, and develop procedures for the    on- going evaluation of the training program.


How Much Does It Cost?

The current application fee is $1,600


For infoirmation, please contact us on 216.621.0222

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